IPL may get a dent if Coronavirus can’t be contained in time

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Less than 3 weeks are left to start IPL 2020. Now we have to see how these three weeks pass.

“Between now and March 29 (when IPL begins), there are about three weeks left. The answer to this question depends on how these three weeks pass. If a newspaper headline tells me in the morning that coronavirus is spreading, then it’s going to play on my mind. I will not want to see myself entering a stadium with large crowds. So, yes, it’s a worry right now,” said a senior franchise executive.

Coronavirus has already taken so many lives and the whole world is suffering from it. Either it is manufacturing units, Japan Olympics or the tourism industry every sector is suffering from COVID-19.

IPL 2020 might get cancelled

If panic spreads and stays, it certainly will have a cascading effect on IPL 2020. For safety purpose, fans will avoid watching IPL from the cricket stadium which will definitely affect the income of Indian Premier League.

It’s not only the trouble, but the franchises have also been asked to pay Rs 50 lakh as hosting fee per match to state association instead of the earlier figure of Rs 30 lakh.

BCCI is waiting for Government call

According to sources BCCI has written to the centre, looking for advice in the wake of the coronavirus threat but hasn’t heard back yet. However, the center has advised avoiding mass gathering.

Which gives the indirect message to the BCCI to avoid filling up stadiums.

Let’s see what will happen. IPL will be held or will get cancelled! What do you think? write down in the comment box below!!

We hope everything will get under control.

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